Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Light Switch Lever/Extender

When we first moved into our house, Mr. Brigglesworth was not even 3 and could not reach anything. Our toilet seats are high, so we put steps at the toilet for him to stand on. Our light switches were also too high for him. Even as he grew taller, he could not reach to turn on the lights. It frustrated him, and us too, as he would constantly call for us to turn on a light.

There were stools we had at the table in the bonus room that we removed, because Mr. Brigglesworth would drag the stool over to the playroom closet to turn on the light switch. The danger of that, was that the stool was then next to the railing. Mr. JCrew is our safety patrol and he didn’t like it. Taking the stools away took away Mr. Brigglesworth’s capability to turn on the light himself.

I don’t know how my mom found them, but she found a light switch lever. It was perfect. It comes in a 2-pack and I got 2 sets. I didn’t need to put them in every room, but I put them on the rooms that matter (the toy closet, the playroom, the guest bath and Mr. Brigglesworth’s room).

It’s a simple install. You remove the screws that hold the coverplate onto the wall and place the lever over the wallplate and use the new screws to fasten the lever and the wallplate back on.

They are so cool. Mr. Brigglesworth is now tall enough to reach the light switches, but I am keeping these on so that Pfitzer can use them. He is still not tall enough, but he’ll be there soon!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a great find. I love these. Thanks for sharing. I am definitely telling my nephew about this, perfect for his little one.

    1. They are great for little ones! We are now teaching Pfitzer how to use them.


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