Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Garage Door Monitor

Over time, I have found products that make life so nice. I wanted to share my happiness with an add-on to our garage door opener.

We have the LiftMaster 829LM Garage Door Monitor and love it. I actually bought 3 because I thought we needed one per garage door, but I was able to sync all three garage doors to one monitor. We ended up using two of them and I have a third, if someone local wants to buy it from us!

Back to why we love it… It beeps when the garage door is opened or closed. It’s just a little chirp to let you know the door is being used. Our dogs and the kiddos know the sound of the chirp. It doesn’t bother the dogs, but they do go running to the door to see who is home. And the boys hear the chirp and also go running to the door to greet whomever is home.

Garage Door Monitor

It will also beep if the garage door is left open. The beep is about once every 60 seconds until the door is closed. You can close the garage door from the monitor and not have to go out to the garage to close it!

I mentioned that we bought 3, and are using 2. We don’t need two, but we keep one in Mom’s room so she can hear it. The other one is in our bedroom. We actually keep them under the bed, so we do not see them. They are loud enough that we still hear them when we are not in the bedrooms (but we keep our bedroom doors open.)

We discovered this add on when we bought a new garage door opener from Costco. When you buy anything from Costco, they add all these extras to the product. Sometimes you don’t need all those extras. With the Costco garage opener came the monitor, a smart control panel, a remote light control, and the internet gateway. I was afraid I would need to buy all of these extras for the new house, but I only bought the monitor and have the features I want. The smart control panel does have a neat feature called “time-to-close.” If you have an older model door opener, you can switch it out with the smart panel to get this capability. I love it! You can set it to automatically close your garage door in 1, 5, or 10 minutes. We never forget to close the garage door now! When researching the garage door openers, I made sure ours came with this capability. I love it!


I’m all about making things automatic. We have been so use to these features that they have become the norm in our house, and I forget to share their coolness. 

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