Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Lego Trays

Just in time for Spring Break, I made more storage for the boys’ Legos. I made a train/Lego table years ago as a Christmas present to the boys.

The table is currently downstairs in our living room. We have the Lego side on the underside, and Mr. Pfitzer currently uses the table for his trains.


The older boys have transitioned to true Lego’s, but I’ve had to put limitations on when and where they play with their Lego’s due to their baby brother always wanting to be in their business. I’m pretty confident that Mr. Pfitzer is past the stage of putting the Lego’s in his mouth, but once I say that, I know he’ll go and do something crazy to make me regret saying it. Right now, the concern is him taking everything apart and losing the pieces.

I’m a little OCD in storing the boy’s Lego sets in containers. I have a separate container that has the extra pieces and instructions from the sets.

I was storing the Lego sets in my closet on a high shelf and the boys would have to get me or Mr. JCrew to reach them and they could only play when Mr. Pfitzer was napping. I saw how much they enjoyed playing Legos and was sad at the same time that they didn’t have the freedom to just play.

I wanted to change that, so I came up with making some storage for under their bed. Then they could just shut the bedroom door and play anytime. They no longer needed me to get them down for them. 

With carpet in the bedrooms, I created a “Tray” they could use to put the Legos on as they build and play. Much better than carpet. I intended to put Lego backplates on them, but then changed my mind.

Another tray I made has wheels and is where their containers are stored with their sets.

The last tray has wheels, but higher sides than the others. This is for all the loose Legos that do not belong to a set.

I bought loose Lego’s at a consignment sale long ago and had them hidden until they were old enough. Then I forgot about them! When I built the tray, I built one for each kid, so I had to go to another consignment sale to get more Legos!! They now have a ton! (2 trays worth)

It came at perfect timing, because I built these the weekend before our Spring Break, so for the entire week, they were quietly playing upstairs with Lego’s and baby brother was not bothering them!

The boys started using the trays as I was building them.

Mr. Pfitzer had to know what these new things were, so he investigated.

Now that we are in summer break, these Legos are getting a lot of play time.


  1. this is so great. we have been struggling with what to do about legos. sawyer is fazing out of playing with them but we know that they are a timeless toy so aren't really wanting to get rid for them. thinking of a big storage bench to hold them in that way the bench is functional and then they are inside in case anyone comes over and wants to play with them.

    1. Yes! Do it! And don't throw them away. There are many things I wish my parents kept. Our neighbor has all his old toys and my boys love going over there to play with them.


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