Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Return of the Little Bunny

I had a post written about how our bunny returned in 2017 but I never posted it because I never actually saw him. I only saw the evidence he left behind.

When our bushes were torn down, the bunny’s home was gone. The boys and I quickly spent the weekend building a home for the bunny to feel safe. We saw the bunny next day, but that was it. We saw droppings in the yard, but no bunny itself.

Last year we saw a couple bunnies, but they were barely in our yard. Usually we saw them in our neighbor’s yard. This year, we have one that has made its home in our yard. We regularly see it in the AM and evening. It is even letting us get close to it and I talk to the bunny.

Now that the bushes are larger, there are more choices for the bunny to hide and feel safe.

The bunny has eaten a coneflower plant so that there are no leaves left. I told Mr. Brigglesworth the other day that it was worth it!

 But the coneflower is now down to nothing, so I am sprinkling it regularly with cayenne pepper.

And lirope is a favorite of all the bunnies we’ve had. It’s usually the first sign that I see that tells me we have a bunny visitor.

To get the bunny from feasting on my plants, we also leave baby carrots in the bushes all around the house. They've been eating them and leaving my plants alone. However, the lirope is down to nothing, so they are still eating that!

We’ve been watching the bunny slowly get bigger.

And I think we actually have multiple bunnies. One evening, we saw two bunnies meet up in our yard and frolic together. We walked to the other side of the yard and saw another one. So there were at least three in our yard at the same time.

We saw some in the back yard and couldn't believe it. I thought the dogs would have scared them away. But we have found their favorite hiding spot in the hydrangeas. They can easily sneak under the fence. 

The dogs have discovered this spot. Kates scared a bunny out of the bushes once. That was a terrifying moment because I really thought the boys and I were going to witness the dogs killing the bunny. I just kept yelling and screaming trying to cause a commotion and get that bunny out of our yard! It escaped unharmed, but has not learned its lesson. We still see it in the backyard.

Bunny running while I am yelling!

With how big the bushes have grown, our yard has more hiding spots for them! I think they are here for good. I hate the destruction they cause, but I love having wildlife around that I can see everyday.

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