Monday, January 17, 2011

Picasso - Crate and Barrel CopyCat

That’s who I feel like right now. I tackled a DIY I honestly thought I couldn’t do. I had high hopes.

I found a lot of paintings I loved a year ago that I found homes for. Most of them I was able to find on and it cut the cost significantly.
There was one set of six pictures I couldn’t find a copy of. It was only offered through Crate and Barrel for $369 or $69.96 for each print individually. I originally planned to have these prints in the yellow quest room.
Courtesy - Crate and Barrel

I didn’t buy the prints because my plans changed for the yellow room and I wasn’t willing to drop the cash. It wasn’t until I saw a DIY project on and they had viewers create their own Classical Symmetry sets. One girl used Adobe Illustrator to re-create the prints. The other girl actually painted her own prints.
I looked into buying “Illustrator” but still wasn’t willing to pay the money for the program and then pay the money to print it at Kinkos. I almost tossed the idea, but I browsed at Hobby Lobby for possible supplies I could use.
I found 12x12 inch black frames.
I found Acrylic paper that was exactly 12x12 inch size!

I found a kit of 12 Acrylic paints.

Next step… figure out how I was going to re-create the patterns. I tackled the easy ones first. The ones with the circles appeared easiest.

I found an object that was the circle size I needed and started tracing in pencil. Once the pencil outline was done, I started painting.

Once done, I was pretty proud.

The green painting was not so bad. I took two different size square pieces of paper and traced them.

The other shapes were pretty intimidating. I had to create my own shapes. The end result was a combination of different shapes together.
The penciling of the patterns was not hard, but involved measuring to ensure center and spacing.

The hardest part was the painting. I used a flat brush to create the thick paint lines. It felt like an eternity to finish. Holding my body and hand still, and waiting for areas to dry so I could move on without risk of smearing.

Once done, I could hardly believe it! I patted myself on the back. 

Instead of spending $400 (after tax and shipping.) I only spent $52 dollars (including tax)!

I honestly didn’t have a place to hang them and was part of the reason why I never got the paintings. But I had a new idea for the green room and making the paintings an extension of the headboard. The headboard is a little low, and the paintings would make it feel much taller.

I’m very happy with the end result, and even happier to have not spent so much money.

You never know what you can do until you try! I would have never thought I was an artist. But I can do shapes!!
In This Post:
Acrylic paper: $12.99
Acrylic paint: $7.99
Paint Brushes: $2.99
Six Black Frames: $60 $30… Hobby Lobby 50% off for the week!

 This project is part of the link party for week 2 of the "Creating With The Stars."


  1. awesome job
    love what you did
    you inspire me
    your house is awesome
    love that you have a blog
    and love that i knew you before you became famous
    you will have one of those blogs one day that everyone check
    look out girl, you are going to be cyber popular :)

  2. Wow, those look great! I'm impressed that you even tackled this, I would have maybe looked for some scrapbook paper but I wouldn't have been brave enough to paint them myself. I do love your inspiration prints, I featured them in my post about the High Low project here,

    P.S. I found your blog via East Coast Creative, I featured my kate spade Inspired Lampshade on there :)

    1. I loved those prints from CB and see that they don't carry them anymore. I love the pillows you found. Never thought to look on Etsy!

  3. Great job making your own. They look really nice.
    Visiting from ECC...

  4. I love this with the colors and all


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