Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rugs ... the bigger, the better

I have a particular taste in rugs. I’m not into patterns, but Mr. JCrew is. I’m not into Persian. I like BIG prints. Random prints are even better. You don’t have to center them or make them symmetrical. The more random, the better.
This particular taste leans towards floral. I try so hard not to like floral because I know Mr. JCrew is not a fan, but it’s what I find. At least I like manly colors!!!
First rug I saw, was the Pottery Barn Janelle rug. This print had large flowers on a brown base. The flowers were white, blue, orange, etc. I loved the colors and the print.
Janelle Rug - Pottery Barn

This rug would be perfect in my dining room. The brown base would go with my Portabella walls and the pattern would disguise food spills.

Anderson wanted to be my model

I caught my eye on another rug. Target had the Antik Floral Loop rug in early 2010. They had it in all sizes. Only online did they have the 7x10 size I needed.
I chose 7x10 because I purposefully wanted the rug to fit under every section of our huge sectional and extend out a little further.
TIP: A rug ties furniture together. You don’t want to line your furniture against the wall. Place a rug in the middle of a room and put the furniture around the edges. If it’s a couch and chairs, have the front legs of all the furniture on the rug. Take a step back and look at how the room feels homey.

The Antik Floral rug had “manly” colors that went with the living room color palette. And of course I loved the big floral print.

Anderson modeling again

I’ve even seen pictures where there is a rug halfway under a bed. I think it looks cool. I envision an off-white fluffy rug to go under the foot of our bed.

We’ll see if that idea sticks.
At a local baby supply store, I saw they displayed their cribs with shag rag rugs partially underneath the cribs. The look is great!
I also have small rugs around the house.
A rug at the front door.

A NEW rug at the back door (Christmas present)

A rug at the kitchen sink. This rug is slightly invisible and I like it that way. Blends in with the tile.

An outdoor rug for the dogs!

And of course a rug for the shower.
Play with your rugs. They make a huge difference.
5x7 Rug wasn't big enough
Bigger rug looks better

In This Post:
Rug #1: Pottery Barn – Janelle 9x12
Rug #2: Target – Antik Floral 8x10
Rug #3: Costco
Rug #4: Kirkland’s
Rug #5: Target
Rug #6: Pier 1

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