Tuesday, April 26, 2011

23 Weeks

Twenty-three is the atomic number for vanadium. Normal human sex cells have 23 chromosomes. Psalm 23, known as the Shepherd Psalm, is possibly the most quoted and best known Psalm. Michael Jordan’s number for the Chicago Bulls was 23.
Twenty-three weeks today! Last month in the second trimester. All of Baby J's organs, except for the lungs, are almost in full gear. The baby can definitely hear noises from outside the belly. It’s good to know that Baby J will be use to the dogs barking. Coolest part about this week is that the babe can feel me dance! Time to crank the music and move!
Baby J is just over 11 inches and slightly over a pound now. I really feel like this past week I’ve grown outward!
4-26-11 23w

We have seven more weeks until we find out the gender of Baby J. Let's take guesses on what Baby J could be.
Here is a list of Old Wives Tales for both boy and girl. I have bolded the items that apply to me.
Baby is low and out front
Heartrate = below 140 beats per minute
Hair grows faster on the legs, nose widens, feet are colder, no growth spurt in chest
Little to no morning sickness
Craving Sour
Husband gains weight during your pregnancy
I add my age at the time of conception and the number for the month I conceived and the sum is an even number.

Baby is higher and I got wider
Heartrate = faster than 140
I have a rounder face, acne, looks worse, chest grows dramatically
Morning sickness all day and lasts longer than first trimester
Craving Sweet, crave fruit, crave orange juice
Husband doesn’t gain weight with you
I add my age at the time of conception and the number for the month I conceived and the sum is an odd number.
You refuse to eat the heel of a loaf of bread
How Far Along?: 23 Weeks
How Big Is Baby?: the size of a papaya
Maternity Clothes?: Slowly moving into them. Pants can’t button. Loose shirts work.
Sleep?: I sleep really good until 3AM. I’m starting to think it’s because Baby J wakes up then and moves around. He/she is a morning person like me!
Food Cravings?: Bagels, fruit, juice
Movement?: Lots of kicks and rolling around
Gender?: Will find out June 18th!
Belly Button?: I can see the back of my belly button! Still looks cute.
Special Moment of the week: Mr. JCrew got to feel his little babe kick! All the movement I’ve felt is hard to feel from the outside and even harder to cue it on command. But I’ve got the timing better. Friday night at church I poked two fingers into my stomach. The baby kicked my fingers over and over. So, when we got home, I had Mr. JCrew poke me. He didn’t really want to poke, but he got to feel the kick! Just happened once. Then Saturday night Baby J was active so I had him lay his hand on my stomach. The little babe performed and repeatedly kicked. Mr. JCrew thought it was the coolest thing. I’m so excited he got to experience it. I look forward to stronger kicks, but I don’t look forward to the possible pain associated with it as the babe gets bigger.
What are you guessing for Baby J? Boy or Girl?

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  1. girl for sure. autumn and georgia want another bff


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