Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mood Painting

Designing my parents’ house has been fun! I’m all about color and it setting the mood. I have a MILLION paint swatches I have collected and kept. If I need a color, I go to my stash first before I go to the store. I obviously picked the color swatch because I liked it, so why not go to my favorites first.

My Paint Swatch Collection
When it came time to pick the details of my parents’ house, my mom told me what she liked of my house. She liked my green kitchen and the color in my hallway.

I can’t blame her. I was jealous she was able to pick her colors and have professionals paint it for her. Our house was a dark and horrible “Paper Bag” color that just didn’t make me happy. I had to change it all myself. The only room left with that color is the garage. I’d like to change it, but that’s too much work for me. Dark walls hide the dirt. I’m okay with that.
My mom also liked the blue we picked out for Mr. JCrew’s man-cave. If you remember from a previous post, we used two shades of blue. You can’t tell unless I told you (darn, gave it away.) We chose the lighter blue of the two. The builder allows for two colors to be chosen. If you want more variety, you have to pay. And the price is high! Mom wanted to make the spare bedroom her blue room. Her favorite color is blue. We were okay with painting this room after closing, but we got lucky. While the painting crew was there, we kindly asked if they would paint the bedroom a different color if we brought them the paint. They agreed!!! Yipee.
The blue room turned out awesome and Mom had a quilt that had blue that tied in to it.

The green color chosen got mixed up in translation. The floorplan has the kitchen, dining room and living room as one big room. It’s an awesome layout. You can definitely tell where one room starts and finishes. The green paint was our accent color in the kitchen. But when the painters painted, they decided to paint the kitchen, dining room, living room and foyer all green. WOW! Good thing we liked the green color! My mom didn’t mind the mistake and told them they could keep it.

The rest of the house is the hallway color from my house. It’s a bright tan that lightens up the house. Lighter colors tend to open spaces up and reflect light better. Highly recommended in small spaces.

We’re really happy with how everything turned out. It was a long process with a lot of bad moments, but in the end, it worked out just how we wanted (except for the nine month delay!)
In This Post:
Living Room Paint: Bunglehouse Grey
Hallway Paint: Sherwin Williams Portico
Bedroom Paint: Behr Dark Pewter

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