Thursday, April 28, 2011

Organization Freak

My mom loves organization, and I think I inherited that gene.  Nothing gets me more excited than being organized in life. Everything that can be organized, will get it.
When you have a lot of things, you need organization. I can’t understand the folks that have a messy desk or messy toolbox and claim to know where everything is. My dad is an example. I remember as a kid trying to “help” him with his toolbox or shop area and him getting so mad! He did not like you touching his things. His mess made no sense, but me moving them to places where they should go, threw him all off and he felt lost. Sometimes though, he couldn’t find what he was looking for. Explains why he has five camera cases… he couldn’t find one, so he bought another.
I realized I couldn’t organize people if they didn’t want it. I can only help myself. I wouldn’t say I’m completely organized, but I’m 75% there.
Our house has lots of closets, but the shelving in the closets what pitiful. The closets were huge but only had 2-4 shelves in them! It was so much wasted space. I envisioned closet systems that made life easier.

My pantry is one place I like organization. We’re lucky to have a huge one, but it only had four shelves. I added four more at the same heights as the existing, and then I added two more even higher. I’ve always loved looking in Crate & Barrel at their pantry organizers. My dream is to have my fridge and pantry look like their models. I’m getting close.

And here is our current pantry

I got carried away and should have bought stock in Rubbermaid closet shelving. I tackled the laundry room.

I tackled the spare bedroom

I tackled the other spare bedroom

I transformed the bonus room closet

I even managed a couple shelves in the master closet and the laundry room’s closet. It’s really hard to take pictures in closets. You just can’t get all the angles.
I just can’t take wasted space. Although our kitchen is big, the cabinet space is limited. Don’t get me wrong. I have triple the amount of space I had in the condo. At least now I can keep all my dishes in the kitchen instead of in the buffet in the living room. But somehow, the cabinet space still felt inadequate.
A lot of organization is putting things in view so you will use them more. It does you no good to have something if it is shoved in the back of the shelf. And that’s what I felt was happening with the cabinets.  I contemplated the idea of building more cabinetry in the breakfast nook idea. That idea hasn’t been completely ruled out, but the money for the project is not here yet, so we will make a cheaper option that will get us by until the money shows up on our front step.
Ahh, organization!

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