Monday, April 25, 2011

My Dream Job

My mom and dad decided to move to Huntsville from Ocala, FL. My parents were raised in Jackson, Ms so the culture is not far off.  They chose to build a townhome with the same builder we used and made the big move in July of 2010. They stayed with us while their house was being built and they finally got to move in on March 25th!

Although the process was long, I enjoyed designing her house and yard. Before she moved up here, she left me in charge to pick out all the details for the house. I loved it. We started with what she liked and disliked about my house, and went from there.

Living Room

Guest Bath
Guest Bedroom
Living Room/Kitchen
Glimpse of Dining Room

Master Bedroom (crib ready for Little JCrew!)

Everything turned out great. The colors and finishes inside were perfect. The outside was designed to make you look at it. The neighborhood was against having townhomes built. I admit, I was one of those that was not enthused about it. But as I learned about the floorplans and liked what I saw, I passed on the information to my parents and neighbors that the townhomes were not going to be bad.

To make sure that the townhomes didn’t get a bad rep, I pretended I was working in my dream job and started a plan for the curb appeal of my parents’ unit. My mom picked out an awesome floorplan that was an end unit. It has two porches and the front door is actually on the side of the building. Of course, the artist rendering of the floorplan shows landscaping will be done all along the base of the house, but we know that is not reality. The builder has a budget and does only what they want to do.

I came up with several drawings that got more and more involved with each revision. We used plants that I had experience with and plants I knew Mom liked. I was proud of our design, but knew it would be a lot of work for us.

Luckily, I knew the landscaper doing the job, and worked with them on the plan. We wanted to save them time and money with what they could do and what we needed. I didn’t want them laying sod in places we were planning to pull it up. And I didn’t want them wasting money on plants we were not interested in. I provided them a copy of our plan and they were able to lay sod only where we wanted it and bought plants they were allowed and were on our plan. It worked out so nicely!

Of course, the builder’s budget didn’t allow the landscaper to get all the plants we wanted. Mom and I bought the remaining plants to complete the yard. I can’t get over how well it looks.

Mom even found these sedum-type plants that have blue flowers. They weren’t on the original plan, but I love them! From a distance, they look like they are a blue bush.

I had left-over cobblestone from one of our projects that I did not need, so we used them to make a pathway to one of the porches. The porch is a beautiful place, but there was no way to get there.

How much do you love the lanterns added on the porch? I’m in love! I have them on my back porch, but they aren’t in symmetrical locations like this.

The fence was just added last week. The dogs now have a place to roam without leashes. We picked the iron fence because the space for the yard was so small, a wooden fence would look ridiculous. The yard should have been larger, but the builder decided to pour the sidewalk in the middle of the yard. Out of all yards in the neighborhood, the townhouses have the smallest yard, and they want to make them smaller with a sidewalk close to the house! Doesn’t make sense.

I’m so happy for my parents! It’s such a nice place and what such a great deal. Best part… they are only 0.5 mile away from us!
In This Post:
Lanterns: from Old Time Pottery
Plants: Fragrant Tea Olives, Indian Hawthorne, Limelight Hydrangea, Sunny Knockouts, Blue Rug Juniper, Holleri Holly, Loropetalum, Maiden Grass, Double Red Knockouts,
Trees: LaceLeaf Japanese Maple, Natchez Crepe Myrtle, Osage Crepe Myrtle
Stone: Tennessee Cobblestone from Across the Pond

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