Friday, April 22, 2011

Bailey Longfellow

Bailey may have learned a few things from me in his 13 and a half years. However, some things I won’t take credit for.

Lately we’ve been noticing him staring at walls. Now, when I stare at walls, I’m at a good distance away from the wall. I do admit to zoning out as I’m trying to visualize something. But Bailey is inches away from the wall when he stares.
I’m pretty sure when he’s staring at the bedroom wall, he’s checking to see what color it is this week! He knows I’m on my third paint color with that room, but I hate to disappoint his excitement by telling him I’m keeping this color.
Bailey, you can stop staring at the walls!
And the poor dog is getting confused a lot lately. I leave the cage door open so he can get in his bed anytime he wants. Sometimes he walks around the table and sees the cage door open. But to him it feels like he's closed in. He won't cry or whine to get out. He just sits there until you come move the door and he'll go running.
He's the best dog though, and wouldn't trade him for anything. He even shares his bed with his brother.

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