Friday, May 27, 2011


Remember my grandmother’s comment I shared with you? “Buttons are just as important as the pattern.” I repeat this to myself all the time. Although my taste gravitates to the expensive side, I try to be frugal and make my own stuff that is similar. But sometimes, a splurge is worth it.
My kitchen cabinets came with these knobs.

There is nothing wrong with them. I could live with them. Just not for my entire life. Of course I found AWESOME knobs at a high price. But what do you know… I found a duplicate for much cheaper at Target!

Can’t really tell a difference!
They were an easy switch. I just unscrewed the old knob and screwed the new one on.
When it came to the drawers, I wanted an actual pull. I found these pull handles at Target as well.

This required two holes I had to drill. It wasn’t that bad. I just measured and drilled.

The finished product is just a little different. I think it goes with the house.
However, I’m not feeling the drawer pulls. They seem to weigh things down and are too chunky for my taste. They are just something else I will live with until I can change them.
Don’t worry, I’ve already found their replacement! Last year at the Parade of Homes, I walked into a house that had these dainty hanging pulls that were almost as wide as the drawer itself. I LOVED the look. But changing the pulls again would mean I need new face for my drawers (because of the three holes in the middle that can’t be concealed.

I’ll just wait a little while for this upgrade. It will probably happen when I get my new sink and countertops. Woohoo! Too bad that is years away.

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Target: Liberty Hardware Round Bronze (8 pack); $20.99 each
Target: Rectangular Bin Pull (2 pack); $8.99 each 

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