Monday, May 23, 2011


Fixtures seem to be the easiest things to change in a house update. When we bought our house, I wasn’t fond of everything, but knew things could be switched out easily. This week I’ll highlight our little changes that we made.
 The light in the foyer was first to go. There was nothing wrong with it other than it was too ornate for me.

Berkeley Foyer Chandelier

I searched out for a smaller light fixture that was plain and simple. I came across several.

I settled on this one.

The foyer is very tall. We didn’t have a ladder that was tall enough. My crazy mom and I pulled the dining room table over into the foyer and put the ladder on top of it. I don’t suggest this at all! It is a funny story to tell now, but not while we were doing it.

I love the new light fixture. A simple change made a big impact for me.

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Home Depot- Progress Lighting Madison Collection - Cobblestone - $43.85

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