Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Week - Room Tour!

This week is being dedicated to Baby J! The week is finally here. We are going to find out if Baby J is going to be a girl or boy. I will be thirty weeks tomorrow and that means I have two-and-a-half short months until our baby is here.
I know Mr. JCrew is anxious to know, as well as the baby getting here. He knows my love for babies and I think I’ve told him over a million times how I am excited to have my own baby that I don’t have to give back. He’s always telling me not to hog other people’s babies and to give them back. With Baby J, he/she is ALL MINE!
This week’s posts will wrap up with the projects in the nursery, beginning with a nursery tour. Even without knowing what Baby J was, we were able to create what I call a gender-neutral room that I love.

Today I’ll give you a full tour of Baby J’s room. I’m sure I will do a final tour later down the road as it becomes fuller with things.
First moving into the house, this room was empty. I came from a two-bedroom condo, so I did not have furniture for this room. However, I did go ahead and paint it. Knowing it would one day be a kids’ room, I chose a neutral color that could go for either boy or girl. I’m not a very girly girl when it comes to decorating, so I knew I wouldn’t have pink walls.
Growing up in Florida, I have a natural love for water. So, it didn’t surprise me when I wanted to decorate the room in a nautical theme. It’s not necessarily a girl theme, but I knew it could work. Heck, I asked my dad for a propeller when I was little! Most people consider a nautical theme for boys only, but I was going to make it for a girl if I had to.

When I say, nautical, I mean full-on nautical. The room is not just a collection of boats. It has everything a boat needs or is related to a boat. I’ve seen nautical themed nursery sets and all they involve is pictures of boats.
I have propellers (DIY here)

I have a port-hole clock

 I have wooden piers
I have a globe. Because every sailor needs a map to guide them.

I have buoys.

I have lanterns.

There’s a pulley hanging on the wall.

Now, I have an airplane propeller on the wall I couldn’t pass up. I could always say it’s a propeller from one of those airboats!!

Okay, so you’ve seen the decorations. Let’s move on to the functionality of the room. The plan is for this room to stay a nursery until we have the last kid. Once the last baby is ready to move into a bigger bed, the crib will be removed and replaced with a dresser. There are two bookcases in the room.  They have baskets on them for storage to make up for the lack of a dresser. The baskets are filled with many different essentials I wanted to make easy to grab for Mr. JCrew and I.

There is a basket of bibs.

A basket of blankets.

A basket of cloth diapers.
A basket of fancy cloth diapers.

A basket of disposable diapers.
A basket of powder and cream.
And other baskets that are currently empty because I know I will find things to put in them.
There are also some shelves on the bookcases I designated for books. I can’t wait for Baby J to read! I love children’s books. Those bookshelves will stay in the yellow room and become filled with more books as the kids grow up.

The closet of the nursery is a different shape, but it was fun to organize. You saw where I added more closet shelving (here) but I also added a removable system for baby things. It’s the Itso brand from Target. They are cubes you can stack and put different shape drawers/bins in. I am so excited about this because it will make it easy for us newbie parents to easily find things we need in a pinch.

We have a pacifier drawer.

We have a sock drawer.

There is a onesie drawer.

There is a pant drawer.

There is a bow drawer (in case Baby J is a girl!)

And we have a hat drawer.

Right now the onesie and pant drawers have newborn sizes in it. I plan to keep Baby J’s current size always in that drawer. Once he/she outgrows one size, I’ll take them out and restock it with the next size. Baby J will live in onesies and pants the first few months of their life. It will just be simpler. I can only imagine what kind of outfits Mr. JCrew would try to put together himself. I’ve got to keep it simple for him.

One of those little drawers I will keep the nail clippers, thermometer and nosefrida in.

Moving on to the crib… It currently has stuffed animals in it, but they will go away once Baby J comes home. Stuffed animals are no good in the crib with baby, but I like looking at them in there while I wait on Baby J’s arrival.

I saw this mobile a long time ago on Pottery Barn and bought it prematurely. I wasn’t even pregnant yet, but I knew I liked it. Good thing I did, because it is no longer available.

It doesn’t fit the nautical theme, but I LOVE elephants and alligators, so I incorporated them into the room.
I put a loopy rug under the crib to give it a finished look.

Last but not least, I have little “B’s” or “W’s” around the room. Just a little personalization to add to the room.

There you have the ins and outs of Baby J’s room. I think it’s safe to say I’m ready and have been ready for a long time! Ha.

Saturday is the big day we find out if Baby J is a boy or girl! I’m so excited to share this moment with friends and family. I won’t announce it on the blog next week, because I still have one group of friends that won’t know until June 26th and I want it to be a surprise for them like it was for me. So, the blog will make the big announcement on June 27th!!! Woohoo!! Stay tuned!

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