Friday, June 24, 2011

Garage Organization

I was very fortunate that when I moved to Alabama, is when my parents downsized their house in FL. They no longer had a yard to take care of, so I was gifted with all these wonderful yard tools. I also received a lot of other knick-knack garage things that I would eventually have needs for.
With all these new-to-me tools, I had to figure out a way to neatly store it all. It’s my goal to always keep   two cars in the garage. Even though Mr. JCrew has always wanted to turn the garage into his workout room.
The garage slowly came together. I had a couple hanging things that I used immediately.

A place for the umbrellas by the door.

And we bought some racks for one side of the garage.

Funny fact is… the white rack was Mr. JCrew’s before we were married. He had it in two or three parts and used them in his bedroom as storage.  Boys! Wasn’t exactly inside material, but it worked for his simplistic lifestyle.
Later down the road I came across an organization system at Home Depot. It’s by Rubbermaid and it’s called “FastTrack.”.

I love it. You attach the rails to the wall and then you can put any attachments you want on it.

There is even a wheelbarrow hanger!

We used this for the ladder, extension cords, soccer balls, chairs, and everything we could think of.

We even used it for our bikes and have the rail already hung up and ready for the little JCrew bikes that will soon come.

I love this system with all my heart. We can easily move things around as we accumulate or get rid of more things.
Eventually we plan to Epoxy the garage floor, but we keep finding better things to do with our money. Plus, I can’t decide on a color I will love forever.
Decisions, decisions.

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