Monday, June 27, 2011

It's A ...

BOY!!! I’m still in shock!

We found out June 18th. Our parents were there and we video-taped our reactions to send to my lil sister. We found out by cutting the cake. The inside was BLUE! My jaw dropped. I was prepared to see a pink inside, so when we cut the cake, I was confused as to what color I was seeing. First glance, I thought it was green. I thought, “What does green mean?” It wasn’t until someone yelled, “It’s a boy” that I realized the cake was blue!

Having a boy on the Wilkinson-side of the family is rare. My parents have four girls and two boys. My sister has three girls and my other sister has a girl and a boy. I have ONE nephew on the Wilkinson side. I know my nieces are going to love to spoil their new nephew!
I really wanted either a boy or a girl. A girl would be so much fun because she’d be dressed so cute and she’d balance out all the boys we have in the house. A boy would be fun because it would be a “mini-me” of Mr. JCrew and he’d follow in his daddy’s athletic footsteps.

Little Mr. JCrew
Little Mrs. JCrew

As far as a name for Little JCrew, his daddy came up with his name. Mr. JCrew is a Third, and I mentioned before (here) that I was not into having a Fourth. I love unique names and I like naming girls with boy names. (All of my sisters have boy names. Even Lindsay is considered a boy name that gained popularity as a girl name.) Back when we contemplated names, there was an emerging trend I loved; using your maiden name as the first name of your child. I now know a little girl named Anderson; a little girl named McCall; a little girl named Collins; a boy named Fisher and a little boy named Miller. I’ve always loved using a last name for a first name. Even before I ever met Mr. JCrew, I wrote the name “Jenson” for a possible boy name. Now all of my children will have it as a last name. I’ll take that!
So, when it came to naming our little boy, Mr. JCrew liked Wilkinson as a first name, but we both agreed it was a mouth-full for a name. I’m picky with nicknames too. The longer a name is, the more opportunity for nicknames to come forth. Why not name your child with a nickname to start with? Or at least make it one syllable. So, that’s what we did!

Wilks is a nickname version of my maiden name and Barclay is for Mr. JCrew’s love of soccer. The ‘football’ in England is played under the “Barclays Premier League” and is sponsored by the bank, Barclays. In England it is pronounced “Berkley” but I know how hard it is for us Westerners to pronounce things right, so we will stick with pronouncing it how it looks.
We are beyond excited. Growing up with so many sisters, I’ve had my fair-share of girl time. I’m ready to have a little boy and experience all the boy things with him. I will have someone to play Lego’s with me!!! And a little boy to go digging for worms with! I’m sure he’ll be a rough little guy, but I’m up for the challenge.

Best little gift from the family…

Best big gift from the family…

Little JCrew will love walks to Mimi’s house!!

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  1. yeah! lets hear it for the boys. i am so very excited for you guys and can't wait to meet baby wilks. love the pics of the two of you as babies


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