Monday, July 25, 2011


My monogram lady has recently decided she will not take outside projects. L When my mom first moved here, we had the monogram lady monogram a pillowcase for my mom. My mom has another pillowcase she’d like done, but can’t. She then asked if I’d be willing to make an appliqué for her pillowcase. I was honored and said, “Yes.”
First, we had to find a fabric that blended all the colors on her bed. Mom also likes Paisley prints. We found the perfect match.

Next step was to get the right size for the appliqué. I tested a couple sizes and found a good size.

I learned my lesson on the onesies, that I need to iron on the fabric to the adhesive before I cut out the shape. I was fearful this would waste material, but it doesn’t anymore than the other.

Fabric with adhesive ironed on. Size of the "W" is all that is needed.
After the adhesive is ironed on, I trace and cut out the shape on the back of the fabric. This way your pen mark is not visible on the front side of the fabric.
I then measured ‘center’ on the pillowcase and ironed the appliqué into place.

It’s now time to put the pillowcase under the sewing machine and crank out the trim.

I set the stitch on a zigzag pattern on a tight setting. It gives it the look like I put it through a monogram machine, but it’s on my normal sewing machine.

I’m very happy with the result. Mom got her personalization taken care of and I got to use my sewing machine again. Win/Win.


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