Friday, July 22, 2011

Burp Cloths

While I was making onesies I discovered I also wanted to make burp cloths. I had a ton of burp cloths and really didn’t need any more, but I had extra fabric… and really, why not?
I made a couple for myself, but also made some for gifts. I’ll post the gift ones today in hopes that the girls won’t read this post until after their showers this weekend. (one is Saturday, the other in Sunday.)

I love ruffles, but since Little JCrew is a boy, I had to alter the ruffle to look manly. I like how it turned out.

With the “man-pleats” I cut a long piece of green fabric about an inch and a half wide. I hemmed the edges and have a one inch strip to start accordion folding.

I handmade the pleats and they took a couple minutes each to do. I held the pleats in place with straight pins.
I knew I was going to create several burp cloths, so I made a ton of pleated strips all at once. It made the process quick and easy.
The next step was cutting a piece of fabric to place along the middle of the burp cloth. My first three burp cloths I used the same method. I used the iron on adhesive to set the fabric middle on the burp cloth. I was nervous of it bunching if I didn’t. But that wasn’t the case. With my fourth burp cloth, I tried without the adhesive and it did just fine! Lesson learned. I hemmed the edges of the middle fabric and then sewed the ends to the burp cloth directly.

Next I placed the man pleat to the edge of the middle fabric. I did not sew the middle fabric edges down because I knew I would be sewing the pleats in the same location and didn’t need to duplicate.
I sewed the man pleat in place and then started a seam down the middle of the pleat to sew the pleat and the middle fabric onto the burp cloth.

I tried to take the needles out as I approached each one. It’s not good for the sewing machine to go over the needles, nor was it good for the tension.
Finished product is pretty; and I like it much better without the adhesive behind it. It’s much softer.

I then got another idea to switch up the orientation of the fabric. It doesn’t necessarily have to follow the strip of the burp cloth.

It’d be real cute to put a name on it, but this is just as good.

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  1. love the man pleats. the onesie's are so cute too. love sawyer's shirt. the rocket is super cute as well seeing that we are in the rocket city.


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