Thursday, July 21, 2011

Making My Own Onesies

I came up with a craft I have wanted to do ever since I found out I was pregnant. I love making things and especially love giving homemade gifts.
I had bought onesies myself and had fabric to use as well. I was just waiting to get started. I needed to know if Little JCrew was going to be a boy or girl so I knew what kind of shapes I'd be making.

I cut out my shapes from the fabric I had.

I used iron on paper to attach the fabric shapes to the onesie.

I finished all the shapes off with stitching. I originally planned on using ribbon too, but I didn’t.
It’s not professional, but I can say I made it for my lil babe!

I also hand-dyed some onesies in Evening Blue and Teal colors. 

Freshly dyed they were dark.


But they turned out perfect.

While dying, I dyed two t-shirts for gifts I was making. I then sewed on a dinosaur to one shirt and a rocket to the other. I think the boys will like them.

And I got to make a girl onesie and burp cloth as a shower gift for this weekend.

I had so much fun crafting. It might be my new go-to gift idea for babies.

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