Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Refinishing A Table

We had a table growing up that I loved. We named it the “Kids’ Table” that was used for breakfast in the morning and for the overflow at family dinners. It was a lightly stained table with beautiful details. We had two red chairs that went with it and two natural chairs. I loved this table.
This table has been passed around in the family. My parents gave it to my oldest sister to use in her kitchen for her three girls. Then I got it when I moved into my current house.
I knew I wanted to use it in my breakfast area of the kitchen, but found a new purpose for the chairs. Since I had saddle stools are the kitchen island, I found shorter saddle stools for the new table.

The red chairs were placed alongside the console table I put behind the couch.

I found paisley pillows I sewed snaps on and a button in the center. They made perfect seat cushions.
Button sewn to make it look less like a pillow

Snaps to keep pillow on chair

Back to the kitchen table… The table was a pretty color, but it didn’t match the color of the kitchen cabinets. The table didn’t have to match perfectly, but I couldn’t leave it the color it was.
I took the idea from my dining room table and decided I’d keep the top of the table a natural color and paint the legs black. I had fun painting the legs, but I did not pick up a latex paint. I ruined my nicest paint brush!! I had forgotten to pay attention to that small detail. I learned my lesson!

(can you tell this was before we added the lighting in the bonus room? It was so dark!!)
I took the table downstairs and placed it in place in the kitchen.

I played with the placement.

It didn’t strike me as beautiful. It worked by itself but not when I put the saddle stools with it.
I then decided to stain the top to match the color of the saddle stools and paint the legs a lighter color to stand out.
I had come across a beautiful light blue before that I was trying to decide where to use. It’d be perfect for the legs. It went naturally with the green walls in the kitchen.
So, I painted the legs blue and stained the top of the table.

I love how the stained top turned out. It’s my favorite detail of the table. It still shows off the grain of the wood.

Close up view of table top
The table has been so useful. Guests use it to set their purses on when they come over or people actually use it to eat on when the dining room table is full. I imagine all of our little JCrew’s using it as their breakfast table as we get ready for school in the morning.
It’s a great table that is still going strong. I love it.

Paint: Freshaire Choice in 'Organic Garden' (Satin finish)
Stain: A walnut stain I did not use correctly. :)

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