Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kitchen Shade

Moving it inside this week. I loved my view from the kitchen. I’ve always wanted a window above this sink, but I can’t have one because the master bedroom is right behind the sink. Instead, I have a beautiful double window and another window next to a full glass panel door. It lets so much light in!

August 2008 - pre move in of Kitchen windows
When it came to window dressing, I didn’t want to obstruct the view, so I didn’t put up blinds. All of the kitchen windows are behind the fence, so we had enough privacy to not have blinds. We planted Yuma crepe myrtles outside that window, so more privacy will come when those trees grow.

Without blinds, the window was still lacking some final touches. It looked bare. That’s when I went searching.

Inspiration Kitchen Blinds
I found this idea for windows and thought it was perfect. It doesn’t take away the view and I can roll it down for privacy if need be.

I found a set of cordless shades that were beautiful. But the price was not beautiful.

I found a cheaper alternative I liked just as much. You can remove the string so it is cordless, but once you do that, then you can't move them up and down as freely. I am okay with that because I don't ever plan to lower them except on a rare occasion.
I really like the look. I’ve gotten use to it. The color matches the color of the cabinets.

Here’s what it looks like with the blinds down. Not bad.
I’ve been very happy with it and think it was just what the window needed. We’ve worked so hard on transforming the back yard, I want to be able to see it whenever I walk by.

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Blinds: Home Depot; Providence Roman Shade in Maple 35x72 (Qty 3) @ $37 each

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