Thursday, July 7, 2011


A group of girls from my Sunday School class got together a few weeks back and we tie-dyed some onesies for Little JCrew. I had not tie-dyed since I was little. I had forgotten how!
We had a tie-dye kit and went to town. We each used a different method and they all came out awesome.

Here is a look at what they looked like in the process.

Here is what they looked like after the first rinse.

And here is what they looked like after being washed.

"W" for Wilks!
They recommend wearing gloves for the dying process, but be warned, you need them during the rinsing too!! My hands turned into smurf hands. It was fabulous!!
There were a couple appliqué onesies made too!

I love how the onesies turned out. There was one newborn size that I made and for sure, Little Man will be wearing it at the hospital!

So Tiny!

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