Friday, July 8, 2011

Peg Leg

There are many things you can do to kitchen cabinets these days. There are so many colors and finishes to choose from. One trend I like is making the cabinets look like pieces of furniture.
One trend I discovered adds “legs” to the bottom of cabinets.

I love this peg shape!
I have seen it a lot in the last two years and love it. I began my research of what local stores had. I didn’t find the exact match, but I got something close.

Forgot a before picture. This is after I stained and cut it.
I bought a stain that matched the cabinets.

And I used the table saw to cut each peg to length.
Surprisingly, each peg was different. I’d shave off a little at a time until the peg was snug under the cabinet.
I made the island look like a piece of furniture.

I made the range look like it was included in a piece of furniture.

The sink of course had to be a piece of furniture.

And then pegs were added to the ends of the cabinets just to give a finished look.

The island will eventually get a bigger upgrade and look even more like a piece of furniture. In the meantime, I love the look the pegs have added.

In This Post:
Wooden Pegs: Lowes, $4.99 (Qty 8)
Stain: Cabot Penetrating Wood Stain in Pecan (8127)

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