Tuesday, August 30, 2011

41 Weeks?! ... Nope, Wilks is Here!

Today is Tuesday ... that means it's a baby post day!

Last week at my 40 week appointment, the doctor said the baby was still VERY high but I was effaced almost 80%, but not even a fingertip dilated. I was extremely bummed to hear the news. However, my face lit up when he said he stripped my membranes "a little." He wanted me to come back on Friday and induce me over the weekend. He asked, "How does Sunday work for you?" I said, "Sounds like a birthday to me!" On Friday we would determine if the membrane stripping did anything to cause me to either be admitted Saturday night or wait until Sunday morning. I was so excited to know I only had five days left.

I went back to work after my appointment and had what I was considered "cramps" every 15 minutes for an hour during one of my meetings. I was hoping they were contractions, but they went away. Later that night at church, the "cramps" came back and my mind was not focusing on the lesson... I was focusing on the discomfort I was experiencing.

The cramps continued as I went to bed that night. At 945, I awoke to what I was now considering contractions. They were coming every 5 minutes and would wake me up each time. The intensity got stronger but they stayed at 5 minute intervals. The lack of sleep was frustrating. I would feel like I had just closed my eyes, and the pain would strike again. At 330, I finally got out of bed and went upstairs with the pups to lay on the couch. Each time a contraction came, I would keep telling myself out loud, "progress!" I knew with each pain that my body was preparing the baby for labor.

I waited for Mr. JCrew to wake up, but didn't tell him right away. I wanted to see if the "contractions" were real or if they would just go away. While I was in the shower, I told him I thought I was having contractions. He asked for how long, and I told him since 945, I thought. His jaw dropped and asked me why I didn't tell him. HA! I had to make sure.

I had an important meeting at work at 1130 I wanted to go to, but hoped I could maybe move it up if I got into work early. I told Mr. JCrew to not go to school that day because I thought I might only make it at work until lunch time. We both went into work and I got loose ends taken care of. The pains were getting stronger, so I went to the Colonel's office and told him I couldn't make it to the 1130 and could we meet now. He said he had 12 minutes and asked if that was enough. I said, "Oh, yes."

I met with the Colonel and as I walked out, his secretary called me to her desk. Right then I had a contraction and I had to tip-toe to her desk. Luckily, she had her back turned to me the whole time she was talking to me, so she never saw my death grip on her cubicle wall as I was breathing through a contraction. I quickly got back to my desk and called Mr. JCrew to tell him I couldn't survive until lunchtime and I was okay with leaving for the hospital.

He came to pick me up and a couple co-workers saw us leave. One quickly ran to the car window and asked if we were headed to the hospital. I quickly responded before Mr. JCrew had a chance and told the coworker we were only going to the doctor's for an appointment. Mr. JCrew just laughed at how easy it was for me to tell a lie. What can I say... I like my privacy!!

As we walked up to the hospital, I had it in the back of my head that I would be told I was only having cramps and be sent home. I did get the questioning from the nurses of why I thought I was in labor. Mr. JCrew liked answering for me and told them about the frequency of my contractions. He also wanted to make them aware that I was not going to let them know the intensity of my pain because I liked to act tough. HA! I thought it was so cute. He knows me too well.

At the first check, I was 80% effaced but only two centimeters dilated. THAT'S IT!!! After all those contractions? The only good thing was hearing how far down he was. Those contractions took him from being so high up, to so low, that the "bag of waters" was buldging out. :) The nurses were aware that I did not want medicine. I wanted my body to labor on its own. I was checked every two hours, and by noon I was 90% effaced and 3 cm. Hadn't moved very far, yet the pain was intense. The nurses really pushed pitocin on me. However, I knew the pain that came with the drug. I made the decision to get the pitocin to move things along and also get the epidural. At 1PM, my water broke on its own. I honestly thought the warm sensation on my left buttocks was from the epidural working its way through.

After the Pitocin and Epidural, we had a turn. Wilks' heartrate went extremely low and my blood pressure took a huge drop. I normally have a low blood pressure anyways, but they were concerned with the bottom number. Plus, Wilks was not reacting well. They quickly put me on Oxygen and fed some blood pressure miracle drug through my IV. It took a few minutes, but we were back to a safe level. I started to cry. I had gone through the whole pregnancy taking care of myself and never once did anything I shouldn't have. I never took any medicine for anything. So, when it came to the birth, my plan was to keep this baby drug-free. I looked at Mr. JCrew and told him that this was the exact reason I didn't want the meds. I don't like the way medicine makes me feel and didn't want the baby to suffer the same way I do. But they continued to monitor me and Wilks like crazy from that point on. Even Mr. JCrew was staring at the monitor and would make sure Wilks and I were staying at safe levels.

The pitocin worked and I was at 6 cm in three hours and then 10 cm 45 minutes after that. By 515, they were preparing for me to push. The epidural gave me the shakes naturally, but hearing and knowing that I was about to give birth, only intensified the shakes!

It came time for pushing and I felt like a champ! The labor and delivery nurses were awesome. I had one yelling at me as a motivator. She'd tell me the progress I was making and it really helped to know my pushing was working. Out came the baby and then a big gush of amniotic fluid! Two pushes total, and an episiotomy. His heartrate had gone down again as I was pushing, so they wanted him out quickly.

He came out with the cord around his leg, and the first thing I noticed were his lips. His mouth was beautiful, but I knew right away it wasn't my mouth. :) I was overwhelmed with joy that this child was a part of me and a part of Mr. JCrew. Babies are such a miracle!

Fast forward to today, and Wilks is six days old. I know this post has been long, so I'll save details about my new little man for updates later on. To me, he's perfect. It's a mother's love that is bigger than anything I could have ever imagined. I knew I always wanted to be a mommy, but this is bliss.

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  1. love your description of motherhood. you are precious, so is your baby boy and i can't wait to hold him again. sending love and hugs via the web :)


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