Wednesday, September 28, 2011

5 Weeks

I'm posting twice today because Little JCrew is 5 weeks old today and I can't not talk about it!!

Today I had my post partum checkup and I got to weigh myself holding Little Man and then without him. The difference? ... TEN POUNDS!! He's gained three pounds in five weeks. He hasn't missed a meal!

5 Weeks - bathtime

In the last five weeks, here are some noted changes:

- He can hold his head up really well while being held in your arms
- He smiled at me on Monday!! and coo'd
- He is a loud eater. His gulps can be heard across the house, and he hums as he catches his breath.
- He makes the funniest face when he is done eating.
- He recognizes Mommy and Daddy. Melts my heart
- His feeding times are stretching out to four hour span times. Sometimes he mixes a cluster feeding in there.
- We are both figuring each other out and it makes things so much nicer. :)
- He doesn't like to be woken up from a nap.
- His eyelashes have gotten so much longer
- He doesn't have any rolls on his arms or legs despite the weight gain. But his tummy is a pot belly!
- He enjoys bath time now. Can't wait for the splashes to come!
- His hair is getting longer.
- Those feet are still big!
- His toots are cute and funny. Chasing frogs, as I call it.
- His hands now reach and grab.
- He loves to cuddle and "hug" you.
- He loves going on walks with the puppies.
- He loves toys! We introduced toys to his activity time this week and he loves watching us play with his toys. Can't wait to watch him play with his toys.

5 weeks - Activity Time

I'm so proud of my little guy. He is my biggest accomplishment to date. I am so blessed with him and Mr. JCrew in my life. Happy Five Weeks, Little JCrew!!

5 weeks - Activity Time

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