Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby B at 23 Weeks

A little update I thought would be fun.

Baby B is definitely growing and letting me know where he is at. There is a lot of movement going on.

I got my first stranger comment a week ago. I was with mixed company at work and we were checking into a building. Only one person in the crowd knows about this baby. The lady checking us into the building asks me when I'm due and cradles her belly. I whispered quietly that the baby will be here in October. At the time, I was not ready for all to know and was hoping everyone was too busy to listen. Having a stranger comment tells me that I officially can't hide it anymore.

Here's a look at what ten weeks did to the belly.


And it feels good that I finally told my company boss today. Now I feel I can let anybody know. All is good. I honestly was nervous about telling my bosses since I started a new job. I practically started the job and got pregnant in the same week! I was sweating bullets having to tell, but everyone is fine!

Here is a look at a comparison of my pregnancy at 23 weeks with Baby J and 23 weeks with Baby B. Very close!

Off to go eat dinner with the kid and my hubby.

Have a great weekend!!

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