Friday, August 10, 2012

Baby B at 30 Weeks

Been a busy week, but I can at least give you an update on Baby B!

He gave us a show last night. I had just been talking about how quiet and sweet Baby B is and then... he starts doing flips before bed! It might have been the platform diving we had just been watching that inspired him.

Baby B really is a calm baby. I don't get punches or kicks; just gentle knudging and glides of an elbow or foot. Little JCrew would always kick or punch Mr. JCrew when we hugged. Baby B hasn't done that, yet.

This week I wanted to add another type of picture of the belly... Little JCrew sitting on his brother. The belly is now a shelf and Little JCrew has no problem with it.

8-10-12 ... 30 Weeks
It's sad to think August 2011 felt so close to delivery day and now I'm waiting on October. It feels so far!!!

Here's a belly comparison from the two babies. Might be a little ahead with Baby B! Oh my. Let's hope he's small and that's more fluid!! :)

Happy Friday!!

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