Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jungle Baby Shower!

Well, we had a successful baby shower for a dear friend yesterday.

Claire has been such a dear friend and neighbor. The girl loves her animals and her friends beyond what we can fathom. When we found out she was expecting, it was an answer to prayers we were all excited about. (she's due days after me!)

She decided on a Lion King theme for the baby's nursery, so her shower theme was based around the jungle.

Claire absolutely LOVES Kroger cakes, and they didn't disappoint. I had no idea they could fancy up a cake so well!

For food, we hosted a dinner with brisket and pasta salad. To keep with the theme, we labeled the food with unique names.

Hyena Chow = Brisket
Baboon Slop=Pasta Salad
Gorilla Tidbits=Veggies
BushHog Bait=Marinated Olives
Buffalo Dough=Rolls
Giraffe Crackers and Hippo Cheese
Wildebeest Sweets=Cake
Elephant Sip, Rhino Swig, Cheetah Spirits and HedgeHog Draft=Drink Options

I painted two "C's" that were on each table. The Orange "C" on the cake table served as a guest book for everyone to sign. The "C" in the dining room was painted with lion paw prints. Hopefully Claire will be able to use these as decoration in the baby's room.

It was a couples shower, so there was a good amount of attendance. And the couple were showered with gifts.

I am so excited for Mr. Connor to enter this world. He has an amazing family waiting on him.

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