Friday, August 31, 2012

Baby B at 33 Weeks

It's getting harder to keep track of how many weeks I am. They are flying!

We are at 33 weeks and September is going to fly by. Work has me busy and they are starting to prepare for my leave. I purposefully think they crammed all the stuff in September on purpose!

The belly is all there and doing good. Little JCrew still uses it as a seat, but it's not comfortable for Baby B or me.

All throughout this pregnancy I have wondered how this baby will be. I try to pay attention to him in utero and see how he is alike and different from Little JCrew. Baby B is certainly as active and likes the right side of my ribs, too. He doesn't really have a sleep pattern. He just seems to be awake at all times.

Now that we have one kid under our belt, I think we will be good with this one in knowing what works and what doesn't. So many people have advice and we honestly tried it all! It doesn't hurt our feelings to hear the advice but we listened to our baby and how he needed things to be. I may be biased, but he's a good kid to me. Now we just have to see if what worked on Little JCrew works on Baby B!!

As of late, Little JCrew is walking around the house constantly! He can stand up from a squat and start walking. He loves to give hugs and kisses to his animal toys. I caught a picture of him hugging a pig this morning.

Hugging my pig

Patting my pig

He had his 12-month appointment this week and he's good on all fronts. He weighs 21 pounds (50%) and is 31 inches (85%). Tall and lanky, just like a Wilkinson! Or it could be the workouts he does with Daddy.

At the appointment we got the go-ahead to start him on milk... He loves it! He was only nursing once a day at night and I thought he may have a hard time going without. He has gotten a little clingy at night, so I wonder if he misses the bonding, but I think if I didn't stop now, he'd be really jealous of Baby B nursing when he came. Hopefully this is enough time for him to forget about it.

That's it as far as an update on my boys. Mr. JCrew is doing good. He started Fall class last week and soccer season is in full swing.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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