Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Part Two of the Backyard Overhaul

The Rose Rosette Disease has infected the Rose bushes in our area. Everywhere we drive we see infected rose bushes. There is currently no cure, other than digging up the bush.

So, that's what we did. It was orginally planned as a five day process. I've learned to space things out in order to not overwhelm the hubby! :) But we dug up all 27 bushes in one morning.

The rose bushes stayed there and died before we hauled them off.

Surpsingly, there were plenty of weeds that needed to be cleared.

And that didn't take long.

Earlier in the week, I had gone to my favorite nursery  (CatBird Seat) and asked Cory some questions about the plants I was going to use to replace the roses. I've had a hard time deciding. I picked out a dwarf azalea for the west side of the yard (White Gumpo) and asked how well they cold take sun. He then gave me an alternative that could handle the spot in my yard.

Autumn Angel is an Encore Azalea. It continuously flowers throughout Spring and Fall and won't grow big (3ft by 3ft max.) And it had white flowers like the Gumpo does.

I was sold. I got enough to replace the roses that were on the West side of the yard and brought them to their new home. On the yard overhaul schedule, it was on the plan to plant the azaleas.

I'm really pleased with their new location. They will stay low and I can trim them as a hedge once they grow together. I remember reading this fact when I was spacing out my roses. "If you want to form a hedge, plant the bushes the width of the mature size apart." This means that if a bush is suppose to get 3ft wide at maturity, I should plant two bushes three feet apart. This measurement is from center of the bush to the center of the other bush. Good rule to know.

Part two is complete. I like doing things in phases. It helps this pregnant lady not get worn out!! (Yes, I'm still doing the work. I don't turn into a pumpkin after 33 weeks.)

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