Thursday, September 6, 2012

Part Three of the Backyard Overhaul

This business of setting a realistic schedule is working for me. I get things done and then some. When I finish one thing, I assess the time and how I'm feeling, then decide whether to move on to the next thing.

Not all things go faster than planned. I had a couple things on my list non-yard related that did take longer, but it really motivates me when I can tackle what I had planned.

Part Three of the backyard overhaul involved planting new plants into the existing holes left from the roses on the hill. I already replaced the roses on the West side of the yard with Autumn Angel Azaleas. Now onto the 23 holes left on the hill.

I wanted to use the existing holes because it would be easier, and I liked the design.

However, before I could fill the holes in, I had to remove the roots left behind by the roses. When we removed the rose bushes, it was easiest to use the pick-ax, but that left the roots still in the ground.

I think I've landed on three different plants to use on the hill. The first plant I chose was the Dwarf Buford Holly. I would use these to line the fence on the highest part of the hill. We already have them in the front yard and I really like how they've thickened up and are joining together. They would create a nice backdrop for the rest of the bed.

Once I got the azaleas planted, I was in the mood to plant more. So, while we were out and about, I bought four of the nine holly bushes. Four could fit in the car, since we dont have a truck anymore, and four is a manageable number to plant (especially since we had to tackle existing roots in each hole.)

In between the rain on Sunday, we got four bushes planted!

Surprisingly, all the bushes were very uniform. That usually doesn't happen.

While out on our day off Monday, I got the remaining five bushes. I did not have the intention of putting them in the ground yet, but have them ready. They were on the schedule to plant this weekend. But I got a burst of energy and really wanted to use my Wednesday night to plant them!

Little JCrew and I set out to plant what we could. Since I was working ahead of schedule, I was okay with not getting all five in the ground.

With his help, I got three more in the ground. He got into some mischief which caused me to stop. He's such a boy! But it's so cute to see him enjoy the outside. He really loves it and always points to go outside.

Little JCrew went down rather early for bedtime. Guess that's what short naps do to ya. And there was still sun left, so I ran outside to plant the last two.

I was wondering how the spacing from the existing holes looked. I didn't measure, but hoped they were still good.

At least from the side, they're straight!

And from the side, you see how big the Magnolia tree has gotten. From the porch, she still looks narrow, but she's growing just like her twin.

Part three of the overhaul is complete and ahead of schedule. Guess that means I'm on to part four!

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