Thursday, August 23, 2012

Elephants On A Ledge

That post two days ago was such a teaser!! I told you I’d update you on the ledge items, and only gave you a peak. I then proceeded to show you my elephant art.

I finished repainting my sailboat plaque and I love it!

I used old bedroom paint appropriately named “Elephant Skin” as the background color and then used the crib paint for the elephant. I had been wondering what I would do with the unused plaque as it sat in a drawer, and I’m so glad it has a home.

Back to the ledge… Here is a shot of the whole thing.

The art on the far left is a painting Little JCrew made when he was 3 months old with Olivia the chicken. It’s of his footprints and hers.

The next one over is the elephant art I used to replace the landscape painting that was in the frame before.

Moving to the right, is my favorite piece that inspired my bright-color theme and elephant theme. It’s a "yoyo" doll made of fabric scraps by the artisians of Bolivia. I got it at a local boutique shop in town called H. Raines Registry.

Then we have the cheap clock I debated over adding. It’s one of my favorite pieces now.

The tin “B” was something I got back when I was pregnant with Little JCrew. If he had been a girl, his name would have started with a “B” so I had “B” and “W” matching items ready for when I found out. I kept the “B” and used it here.

The newest item to the ledge was a recent birthday gift from my parents. It’s called “Brothers.” I think it is so sweet.

Moving to the other wall, we have the elephant plaque.

And just below it is Baby B’s name in block letters.

Woohoo! He has a name, and I just made it public! (Name post coming later)

Next is a piece of art that I got so far back I can’t remember. It once resided in the dining room and found its new home here. It’s just a picture of a doorknob. (So funny how a doorknob can be art!)

Then we have another “B” that I made for above Little JCrew’s bed. But when I found out he was a boy, I made him a “W.” Now I can use this one in Baby B’s room. I bought a plaque from Hobby Lobby and painted it. Then cut out a “B” from a piece of scrapbook paper and glued it on to the plaque. This is the third height adjustment I made to it. I originally hung it too high and it felt like it was hanging out there in left field.

Last on the ledge is a PlayMobil car. This car goes with my dollhouse that I have. I love how the car has a hand-crank in the front. I loved this car.

So there you have the ledge décor. I feel like Baby B’s room is coming to completion. We have the elephant art switched and the room feels like it is all his instead of just part of it.

I even made a door sign for Baby 2 that matches his brother's. A sweet friend made Little JCrew's sign to hang on our hospital door. Since she just had a baby herself this week, I didn't want to assume she'd make us another one for Baby B. Now the boy's can match.
I’m waiting for a baby now.

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