Friday, August 24, 2012

Little JCrew is ONE!!


It is so hard to believe one year has passed since I was in the hospital. I loved every minute of welcoming my little man into the world, that I am excited for it to happen all over again in October.


Little JCrew has been the biggest blessing to us. I cannot imagine life without him. At one year old, he is so interactive with everyone he meets. He has never met a stranger he didn’t like. The kid is more popular than his parents. We walk down the hall at church and everyone says hi to him. Not us. In the grocery store, he’s known as the kid that comes with his grandparents on Wednesday’s. They even have a nickname for him.



He’s the happiest baby I’ve met. No day is a bad day to him. He will make your day brighter. Every day I look forward to him waking up so we can play.


Happy birthday, my little man! I LOVE YOU!

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