Sunday, August 26, 2012

Little JCrew's First Birthday Celebration

I am going to overload you with pictures.

We had local family come over on Saturday to help celebrate Little JCrew's milestone day. I took a ton of pictures, but missed out on getting him with both sets of grandparents! I also forgot to take the camera outside while the kids were playing.

All the cousins were able to come and it was great to see them play. Once Baby B arrives, there will be 5 Jenson grandkids under the age of 5! They all played really well together.

Little JCrew loves his cousin, James.

When James sat in the Cozy Coupe, Little JCrew helped himself right in.

Building the Cozy Coupe was an adventure. Little JCrew hopped right in and didn't want to get out for the entire building process.

His Mimi and Poppi got him his own picnic table that he loves. Although he likes to sit on the table part right now, it's cute when he actually sits on it correctly. He is growing up way too fast!

He opened a couple presents while sitting in his blue car.

Daddy got him Thor's hammer (nerf-style)!

And then it was time for cake! I made a vanilla cake and added blue icing with sprinkles. Nothing fancy.

Time to blow out the candle.


Little JCrew has had cake before, but without the icing. He loved it and practically ate the whole piece! This boy has his father's appetite.

Do I have icing on my lips?
Guess I should eat this, right?
Such a pretty pile-of-cake creation.
Glorius bite
Yes, the frosting in my hair adds to my outfit.
After playing outside, we came back in to finish the gift unwrapping.

Yay for diapers!! Thank you, Nana and Boppa.
Overall, the day was a success! Little JCrew took and LONG nap after his guests left.
It's hard to be a host and I know I could improve, but I think everyone had a good time. Little JCrew had his family around him and that's what is important in life.
Happy birthday, Little JCrew!!! We love you!

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  1. yeah. hsppy birthday little dude. glad it was fun, sweet and happy one


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