Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby B's Shower

I'm not really comfortable having a shower for a second, third, fourth baby in the family, but I understand if it's been a while since the last kid and you need to replace expired items.

For Baby B I insisted there was no need for a shower; especially since he was my second boy and only coming 13.5 months after his brother. I also didn't want an overabundance of things to have to deal with.

Yet, I wanted to be able to say I "celebrated" the anticipated arrival of my second son. I wanted to have pictures in his baby book to show we were just as excited for his arrival as we were his brother's.

The Sunday School girls really wanted to help celebrate. Blakeley is on the same wave-length as me and at her shower for her second son, she had a shower where we all brought items to donate to those that really needed the items. Blakeley is currently pregnant with her third and is due 3.5 weeks after me, so we decided to have a joint pajama party where we collected books to donate!

The invitation was quite cute.

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?

I see a big old giving tree

From good night moon and peek a who

To I love you through and through

So find a book store and take a look

As we shower these girls with your favorite book.

Please help Lindsay and Blakeley pass on their love of reading to their babies, by bringing a favorite book to add to their nursery library.

Give the gift of reading...Also please bring a book to donate in honor of the babies and mommys.

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." - Emilie Buchwald

Please come in comfy clothes for relaxing, hanging out and movie time.

The hostesses went above and beyond! Each table food had a book related theme.

Snack Table

Lorax Lemonaide

Junk Food - Berenstein Bears
If You Give  A Mouse A Cookie

Goodnight Moon-Pies

Dr. Suess Swedish Fish

Five Little Pumpkins - Pumkin Oatmeal Cookies and Bread
Hungry Little Catepillar Fruit

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Blakeley is such a good role model as a mom.

I followed her lead and had each guest sign a book for Baby B. Each time we read the books, he'll be reminded of who loved him from the very beginning.

This Friday I have my doctor's appointment near the hospital, so after I go I'll be dropping the books off to donate to the new Pediatric ER. I'm so excited to know that other kids will have lots of stories to read and take their imagination elsewhere when they're scared.

Books for B, with some cute carry bags

Donation Books
Little JCrew saw me with the books and I quickly snapped this last picture before he sat himself in front of them and wanted to read. I love that he loves books! Sometimes he's not "ready" to read the whole book but wants us to attempt to read the first page at least. He lets us know if that was the book he was looking for.

Thank you so much, to all my wonderful friends for helping celebrate the excitement of a new baby!

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