Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pajama Cuteness

Now that the weather is teasing us about getting colder in the near future, we decided to put pajamas on Little JCrew at night.

Yes, we have never officially put pajamas on him! He's such a hot-natured kid, he would sweat on the nights we swaddled him or put blankets on. Most of the time, we put a onesie on and called it a night. We'd put a blanket on and he'd kick it off. We were worried what to do in the winter.

But we found two pair of cute pajamas.

Best part is pair glows in the dark! I think this feature is cool! Little JCrew is not yet impressed.

Can you stand all of that cuteness? I love seeing him walk around the house ready for bed!

At the next consignment sale, I'm looking for more of these pajamas. I can't get enough!!

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