Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mr. Independent

We have reached the stage of being picky with our food and wanting to feed ourselves.

This can be very frustrating! Little JCrew will chow down on a dish of food and the next day won't touch it. Mr. JCrew and I joke that he is like his dad in that way... doesn't like to eat the same thing two days in a row. He needs variety.

At least I can count on him eating his oatmeal EVERY morning! He likes it. He did go through another phase of wanting to use the spoon himself, but he soon realized if he was really hungry, it was much faster to have someone hold the spoon for him.

At last night's dinner, he ate his food, but when it came time to eat dessert (applesauce) he was full. However, we wanted to "practice" with his spoon. So, we let him.

After "practicing." he figured it was easiest to just put the cup up to his mouth.

He only ended up wearing a fourth of it. I consider that success!

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