Thursday, September 13, 2012

Consignment Sales

Can you believe I let Baby B's room get like this?

I hate to admit that Baby B's room looked like this for a couple weeks. His clothes are already put into drawers and the closet, but these are leftover hand-me-downs that we are not using.

Little JCrew and Baby B have two boy cousins that were born in March and April. They were kind to give us so many clothes, but it's A LOT!!! Little JCrew didn't even wear half of them! We were blessed to have so much.

Now that Baby B is on his way, I pulled the clothes back down from the attic and pulled out what we will use and will consign/donate the rest. They offer to donate your unsold items for you after the sale, but I plan to pick mine up and donate myself. The whole point for me to consign is to give someone else what I am not using. I know a great local thrift store that is connected with our church that I donate all our extra stuff to, so that's where the unsold items will go.

I have never seen it before, but our community has consignment sales twice a year (Spring and Fall.) I've seen consignment stores before, but this is different. These are mega-sales that offer clothes, beds, toys, anything you can think of kid-related. This is how Mom and I get all our toys. Clean them up and they are good.

I was already a thrifty person, but Little JCrew has made me even thriftier. I can get three-four times as much stuff at a consignment sale as I would retail. I average spending $70-80 at a sale and walk out with a huge collection. It has me spoiled! I can’t pay retail for children’s things. It hurts too much!

With having Baby #2, there is not much for me to consign myself, but I am participating in my first sale this Fall with items I didn’t use for Little JCrew and am certain I won’t use for Baby B. Once Baby B outgrows his toys/clothes I’ll have plenty to consign.


I was able to buy TWO of these exercise gyms cheaper than retail for one! They retail for $90 on sale and I got each for $20. Totally worth it when the baby only uses it for a couple months.  I always look for the ones that are practically brand new. Some might be worn or dated, but there are items in there that are still in their packaging.

I need to confess that most of the clothes I am preparing for the sale/donation are girl clothes!! New with tags on them and everything. I always thought I’d be having a girl and was slowly building up my collection. I was also getting boy items at the same time, but I was paying attention to the girl clothes. Now that we know we’re having two boys and don’t plan on more kids, I can let go of my girl stash.

I’ve gone to my girl stash when I’ve had friends with little girls be born or have birthday’s. It’s been very helpful. Yet, it was hard to part with something I liked so much and wanted to reserve for my future daughter. Hopefully the consignment sale will help me recoup half of the money I spent. I’m trying to price fair and give people a deal. I know how happy I am to save money and I want to be able to help someone that REALLY needs to discount be able to clothe their child.

Consigning has been a time-commitment for me. I’m trying to prepare for it little by little. They recommend ironing clothes so that they look sharp and less worn. I’ve washed and made sure there are no stains, and have ironed all the clothes for this Fall’s sale. It will be such a great feeling to not have the clothes sitting in my attic!! Or in Baby B’s room like they have been for the last month.

For the local folks, it’s consignment season and I urge you to check out the deals if you have never been before.


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