Monday, September 24, 2012

Public Service Announcement - Plug In Air Fresheners

I love making a house smell good. Especially when you have animals living in your house. Easiest way for me to achieve this is with those plug-in air freshners by Febreeze and Air Wick.


I use to have one plugged in every room, however, Little JCrew is curious and touches them. This causes his hands to smell and TASTE horrible. (I found this out after he stuck his fingers in my mouth after touching one.)

It was obvious we had to take them out of the plugs until he learned they were off limits. While doing this I have learned of the damage they cause!

I had done this before, but it happened again. The oil from them RUINS the finish on furniture. Just setting it on a piece of furniture is disastorous to a tabletop. When the unit gets knocked over and oil leaks out, it’s even worse.

Thursday morning I saw the plug-in unit that we use in the bedroom on its side on Mr. JCrew’s nightstand. Not his fault. I quickly picked it up and there was the spot… ruined.


I’m so bummed!

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