Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Part Four of the Backyard Overhaul

 The last time I left you in the backyard, I had just finished planting nine holly bushes on the back row of where the rose bushes were. I was so proud to get ahead of schedule and accomplish this task mid-week, but then I lost momentum. Both Mr. JCrew and I had an exhausting week so we took the weekend off from yard work.

It didn't take us long to get back in to the swing. Next up on the backyard list was to plant the gardenias.

I had a hard time coming up with plants to replace the roses. They had to like full sun, produce some kind of flower and be frost proof. Most gardenias are not frost proof, but there are a couple new varieties. When I asked Cory at CatBird Seat, he recommended 'Heaven Scent' Gardenia. They would grow bigger than the height I needed, but could be trimmed to size. I was sold.

There were two sizes available at the time, but I didn't purchase them right away. I was still in research mode. But when time came to purchase them, the only size available was the smaller size. This had its benefits... 1) they were cheaper. 2) smaller holes to dig.

Note: this was the larger size in a three-gallon pot.

After I planted the holly bushes, my next task was to get the holes ready for the next plants. That was the task I couldn't finish because I was tired. However, I did notice my existing holes were in different spots than my drawing.


I then realized it be easiest to reduce the number of Loropetalums and add gardenais.

I don't mind the smaller size of the gardenia, it just makes it necessary to use binoculars to see them! I will have lots of years to watch them grow, but I do wish they would have been slightly bigger.

Oh well. The Indian Hawthorne plants I got were just as tiny, and two years later they have grown together. Hopefully, that is what happens with these.

Indian Hawthorne first planted - 2010

Indian Hawthorne now 2012

Looking good so far!

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