Monday, October 1, 2012

Part Five of the Backyard Overhaul

After getting the gardenia's in the ground, we were on a role and kept going.

The next part of the overhaul was to relocate two Loropetalum bushes that I had gotten for free. I was going to move them onto the hill. However, I couldn't find matching plants to go with them. The Loropetalum I had was not like the deep purple ones at nurseries. Mine faded to a green color and the only ones I found like that were of poor quality. In fact, every single Loropetalum I found was in poor condition. There was one place I hadn't looked yet and I wish I would have looked there first.

I did not end up getting the Purple Diamond Loropetalum from Southern Living like I have before. They're pretty but also cost a pretty penny. The nursery I went to had Plum Delight Loropetalum that was just the same, but cheaper. That's when I decided I could get the six plants instead of four and I'd let my mom have the other Loropetalums in my yard.

These holes were easy to dig. We were done in seconds.

They are hard to see because they blend in with the red clay right now, but once they get bigger and the other green plants get bigger, they will be a nice contrast.

The hill is now complete! We just need to add mulch. It feels good to have plants back on the hill and know that they will do good. I still miss my roses, but this will be just as beautiful to look at.

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