Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Part Six of the BackYard Overhaul

Even though the hill is complete, there was one piece still left.

Once the Loropetalums were removed and given to my mom, there was a balnk spot underneath the Chinese Fringe Trees.

Look closely to see bushes.

I found a gorgeous plant while doing research. A local nursery has only one of this plant. Otto Luyken Laurel. Then when I was picking up my Loropetalums, I saw a multitude of these Laurels and they were beautiful. They had varying sizes and I got the smallest.

Becuase they get big, I wouldn't need that much. You see these plants in the historic district and they are nice and spread out.

When I first found them, they were expensive, so I was holding off getting them until a year down the road. But the smaller sizes at a different nursery had them priced lower and I went ahead and bought them. We were on a roll; I didn't want to stop if my working hubby was willing.

My awesome hubby dug up the Loropetalums and then planted the Laurels in the ground. I'm so excited about these guys. They will make it feel like an old house instantly.

They bloom in the Spring and again in the Fall.

I'm so happy I stumbled upon these guys. They make me happy!

The backyard overhaul is now complete!!

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