Friday, November 2, 2012


What felt like a great day coming on, was not what actually happened. I hate to write what I feel when it's not something happy, but maybe I can make it entertaining while inserting some cute kid pics.

For the win... It was 32 years ago on November 2 that my brother died. Mom has had a hard time with memories surrounding this time of year. But she wants to go with the boys trick-or-treating next year with my crew! That's a huge step. WIN!

It's not a good thing when you get professional pictures taken and both you and your spouse think it'd be more fun to take the money spent and flush it down the toilet. Yes, we both had that thought; for different reasons. Having a hubby who doesn't want to be there and a toddler that didn't nap, makes for a stressful afternoon! The photographer now needs a miracle to create a family photo I can cherish. I'd be happy with pics of my toddler going crazy and be able to laugh at the reality of life; but it's hard to photoshop a pissed face off the hubby. Good luck!!

I'm a thoughtful person, but thoughtful people get drained when they keep giving and don't receive. It's not about the size, but the quality. I'm energized by thoughtfulness. Usually, giving alone makes me happy when I see the person's face! It's an awesome reward. Notice the thoughtfulness around you. Try to duplicate it. You'll love the feeling.

I have a love/hate relationship with pictures. I love being the historian. Capturing life's moments. But it's hard with kids. I loved having my sis here for the few short days because she just snapped photos as life happened around us. She saw moments of opportunity I overlooked. I need to learn from her. I love to take pictures, but hate how they turn out. Picture-taking is hard! And it's hard when I fail at something. Guess that's why I should leave it to the pros... Oh wait, I just mentioned how it's more fun to flush money down the toilet.

November 1 was suppose to be an awesome day. And it was when you count the two new babies being born... But both mommas had difficult deliveries. I can't believe both girls had similar experiences. I'm just so thankful that both babies are alive and healthy!! What a blessing. Both of these babies are miracles! (Sorry to continue the use of the word "both")

I'm going to wrap up by reminding myself to be thankful for my healthy sons. I was warned of how hard raising two children 13 months apart would be and thought I could handle it. Let's just say I am treading water with my head barely up. I swallow water every once in a while.

- Lindsay


  1. Oh, Lindsay, I had an awful day yesterday too - hormonal meltdown might be a better way of putting it. I'm so sorry your photography session was a fail, but hopefully he/she got at least one good one...or at least one day maybe you'll be able to look back and laugh. I think you're doing an incredible job! And yes, the image of barely treading water is one I sometimes call to mind, too!

  2. Lindsay! Hang in there...I promise, it will get better. The first little while with Kailyn I felt just like this (we won't go into how long that lasted!). She was, and still is, a much more demanding baby than Caleb was and I had no idea how to deal with it. No one tells you the "bad/difficult" parts, I love that you are so honest on your blog. I think it just takes time to adjust to the new "normal" for you and for the older sibling. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help out- seriously!! And I agree with Blakely- it might be so frustrating now, but one day you will laugh at this family picture. I have gotten to where we just take our own photos since i got the new camera...they might not be as nice and professional, but if they don't turn out good, we can try again later! If yall ever want to meet up at the gardens or something, we can take turns snapping some family photos of each other or something.


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