Thursday, November 1, 2012


Today is such a happy day! I have two friends having babies today! Two boys born on November 1st. And two years ago I had two friends have two girls on June 1st! I get so happy when babies are born.

And little baby B is one month old today. Time is flying by.

My little sister came into town for a couple days. I really miss her. She is so much fun to be around. I miss her sense of humor. There's something about being around her that makes you happy.

She had a ball meeting Baby B and playing with Little JCrew.

We took Little JCrew to a few of our friends' houses for him to say hi. He loved walking up to the doors and knocking. My little organizer also loved picking a piece of candy from their bucket and putting it in his bucket. He caught on to the concept very fast.

So Sweet!!

Good thing he doesn't know what candy is yet. He also had fun dishing the leftover candy from our house and giving it to his Mimi.

Yay for November. I can't wait to meet the new babies and the holiday season.

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