Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We Survived Work With Pictures

My first day back was too easy, but I dread today. There were only five of us there yesterday because of the holiday and they pretty much left me alone.
My photographer sent me a gallery of all the pictures! There are so many good ones. I especially love every.single.one of Baby B!

After our disappointment of a session (not her fault) she had me come back the following Monday with just the boys. Little JCrew acted the same. He just wanted to play and not be told what to do. He did not want to stand by Mr. JCrew the first day and didn't want to stand by me the second day either. That's why I love this photo. We were trying so hard (bribing with Kix) and I think the face she captured was hilarious.

Mr. JCrew was giving his best!

Little JCrew loved playing with my hair, giving me hugs and talking to Baby B.

She captured some awesome moments and of course there were a lot of out-takes from us giving up on forcing Little JCrew to do anything.

Seeing her create prints from a difficult situation shows her talent. She worked HARD!!

I am so happy with them. It brightened up my first day at work seeing my babies.

After working yesterday, I don't think my mind has wrapped around the fact that I am suppose to work every day. I forgot to set my alarm and my mind just thought of work while I was nursing Baby B at 2AM. Oh yeah!! This is going to become a routine. Doh!

We'll take it day by day.

- Lindsay

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  1. cant wait to see more of them
    that first one is great


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