Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Baby B Smiles

Baby B is such a serious baby; just like his brother. It's so hard to get a smile, let alone catch it on camera. You're trying so hard to get a smile that you don't want to fuss with a camera too.

But last night I caught some grins as I was talking to him.

I think his big smiles are the cutest but those are really hard to get.

I'm amazed at the babies that smile all the time AND in front of cameras. Little JCrew still won't smile for a camera unless it is positioned so he can see himself.

(Thought I had a smile one... Nope; just a tongue)

My boys are still happy boys even though they are not smiley. I know it takes a lot for me to smile, so my boys are the same.

Just have to work on my stealthy camera skills to catch them now.

- Lindsay

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