Thursday, December 6, 2012

Staircase to Family - Part 2

I loved my staircase collage when I first created it and was so proud of it. Would you believe I made it even better?

I bought five frames with the intention of adding them to the staircase. These five frames were going to house pictures of the new baby in our family. I couldn’t have pictures of Little JCrew on the staircase and not Baby B!

Original Layout - Little JCrew sneaking in to help rearrange
I didn’t think five frames would be enough, but it was a start. I actually only had to get one more frame. The original collage had two rows. I began adding a third row and rearranging the frames. The original collage had matching frames. The five new frames were all different and needed to be blended in.


I first took frames out and plugged the new ones in. I was never too happy with the top half of the staircase so I took those frames completely down.

Old Layout - showing top part

I made sure I kept with the “climb” of the staircase with my frames. I then had holes I needed to fill.

Can You See Painter's Tape Marking the Hole At the Top?

I marked the holes with painters tape and then searched around for something to fit. That’s when I found my sixth new frame that said “Family.” 

I then rearranged the top part of the staircase totally different.

I like it! I didn’t realize the difference it would make.

I am now more in love with my staircase. I can’t wait to fill the empty frames with pictures of Baby B!


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