Thursday, December 13, 2012


You caught a glimpse of the playroom upstairs when I showed the train table project and I wondered if you noticed the new layout?

Old Layout

New Layout

Little JCrew loves going upstairs to play. He has a different set of toys up there that he enjoys. As I was nesting before Baby B I became lazy as I rearranged. The ottoman from the living room found a new home upstairs, but it was only because I didn’t want to see it pushed to the side like it constantly was as we were trying to create more floor space to play. 

We moved Mr. JCrew’s computer downstairs but left one of the tables. I didn’t like that the playroom had become a junk room but I didn’t have the energy to fix it. Mr. JCrew even commented how we needed to do SOMETHING with that room. So, one afternoon my mom came over and we got to work. 

The original layout divided the room up. There was an office space for myself and Mr. JCrew and a living space. The layout worked fine then, but the purpose of the room had since changed. We moved the loveseat to the opposite side of the room and it instantly opened up the room. The dogs also appreciated the perch to look out the window.

The extra table and ottoman were moved into the attic. One day I will see my ottoman again; Just not now.

The bookcase that was once downstairs, moved upstairs and then moved again.

Mr. JCrew’s base guitar found a new home in the corner and we took the other ottoman out of the attic and made a spot for him and Little JCrew to sit when they play music.

The Moses basket has a new purpose. It now houses stuffed animals. Little JCrew loves picking the animals out of it.

We took all the paperwork out of the crate bookcase and put more toys on it. It’s so cute to watch Little JCrew walk over there to get his toys. It’s just the right height for him.

The playroom has become my new favorite room again. I find every excuse to go up there. No more telling Little JCrew “Not today” when he points upstairs with the desire to climb and play.

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