Friday, January 18, 2013

HomeMade Curtains - Part 2

After making my first set of curtains, I set out to make more. The kind I was making were so easy. There was no need for a rod pocket or tabs since I was using rings to hold my fabric onto the curtain rod.

I don't think this project could have been any easier, although I did bust out the sewing machine. There's a lot of "No-sew" tutorials out there, but I really wanted the blackout fabric added.

I could have done a two-rod solution like I did in the dining room...

But the blackout fabric is kind of stiff, so it works for windows that's curtains stay closed.We added blackout curtains to the dining room after we discovered the curtains turned purple when the sun came through them.

While I was on a role with sewing, I took the dining room curtains down and sewed the panels together. Now there is no window peeping through the middle.

purposefully pulled apart

This is the neatest you will ever see my dining room curtains. Little JCrew likes to play in those, so they are never straight. We've noticed he likes to stash toys on the window-sill behind the curtains. It's cute!

The dining room curtains were a ten minute job. Easy for me!

(Psst: secret thoughts - last weekend we kept the dining room curtains opened and enjoyed how much light it let in. Now we're contemplating new window treatment ideas that will allow more light in, yet keep the privacy. We'll keep you in the loop.)

Now, with Little JCrew's curtains, I had lessons I learned from the first set and things went much faster. I knew that the length needed to be 104 inches and my corners were much neater. Are you proud, Mom?

I only made one panel because Little JCrew's twin bed buts up against the edge of the window. Having a short panel there before kind of worked.

Old curtains

But one panel is all I would need to cover the window and then sweep it to the side when it was open.

Hanging the curtain rod seemed to give me challenges. I made MANY holes in the wall. (Blakeley- I didn't use my stud finder.) Actually, the problem was being so close to the ceiling. There was some very HARD material I couldn't get through.

I finally got the brackets in the wall, but I moved the left one in. My train of thought had me thinking I didn't need that space because there was no panel. However, when I went to close the drapes, it wouldn't go beyond the window because the bracket was holding the rings back.

So, that's what I fixed last night. I moved the bracket to how I had it before (just 8 inches higher) and it all worked. Now the panel goes past the window on the left side.

Second guessing, I could have made the panel wider, but that's how wide the material was naturally. Just trying to make it easy on myself.

Old and New

I've already patched up all my holes and all that waits is to sand it down and paint.

I have lots of leftover paint. Let's just hope two of them are the colors I need!!

Old and New

I still love the floor-to-ceiling look of the curtains.

Mr. Brigglesworth's Curtains

As I opened up the drapes in Mr. Brigglesworth's room yesterday morning, I felt like a maid in a castle; opening her Lady's curtains to wake her up. I don't need to be the princess in my castle fantasy. I'm happy with being the maid. :)

Is there anything else I can sew while I'm in the mood? I'm sure I'll find it.

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