Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snow 2013

I may not get the Mother-of-the-year award this go around, but I at least got a couple of pictures before the snow completely melted.

The snow was so pretty on Thursday, and snowed the hardest before I got home. Little JCrew was down for a nap and Mr. Brigglesworth soon followed with his own nap. Mr. JCrew and I sat there watching the snow melt as the sun (that hadn't been seen in six days) melted the snow.

The boys never got to play in it.

I made a last minute decision to get the boys out in the snow Friday morning. There was more snow in the back yard that hadn't melted yet. (Thanks to our house facing South.)

Little JCrew LOVED it. The snow was more like ice and crunched as he stepped.

He fell a couple times, but didn't mind it at all.


Mr. Brigglesworth seemed to be blinded by the snow. He squinted a lot.

I don't blame him! The days always seem much brighter when the light bounces off the white snow.

I'm glad I got the boys out there and took pictures.

I think I would have been kicking myself for missing their first snow!

Thank goodness for cameras.

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